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Working together to help Kentucky's seniors

Tonya specializes in working with seniors and their families to help them plan, coordinate and manage the services they will need in their retirement years.  Her focus is to help each individual make sure they have everything they need in place as well as help them stay in their home safely if that is their desire or to help them find appropriate housing if needed.


After watching her own family go through the pain and frustration of helping her Great-Grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s, Tonya took an interest in helping others with the same plight in life.  She saw how the family struggled to find appropriate care and also the financial toll it took on the whole family.  She also watched her parents care for her Grandmother in their home as well.

Tonya has worked with over 3000 families in her career.  She loves working with couples, individuals and families to help them plan for the future; to make sure they get what they want and need.  “I like to listen to them and really find out what is important to them as they age.”  She feels that too often individuals are not able to make the decisions they want for themselves because pre-planning isn’t completed before there is a crisis.  She strives to educate how important that first step is; it’s not only important to the individual to be able to choose their path, but also it is important for their finances.  “I feel that so many families go into this process under duress of some sort and end up spending more than they would have to with a little bit of planning.  We see in this industry that most individuals don’t like to think about getting older and they usually wait until a crisis has occurred before thinking about what they need to do.  I help them prepare for these situations that are inevitable for us all, coordinate the services needed and manage it for them so as to relieve the stress off of the family.”  

Tonya is an active member Kentucky Association for Senior Services (KASS) and Treasurer of the Bluegrass Continuity of Care Association (BCCA).  She is also available for speaking engagements to help educate the community on what they need to do to prepare and plan for their retirement years.

Tonya is engaged to be married and has 2 grown children of her own and welcomes her fiancé’s son as well.  

Tonya Howe

For more information contact Tonya at:

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