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Working together to help Kentucky's seniors

Our members are very serious about honesty and fairness. We conduct ourselves and our businesses ethically and expect the same of others. Not only have we made this part of our Mission Statement, we also adhere to the following:

Ethics Statement.....

I will always...  

...commit myself to protect and promote the interests of my clients and conduct myself in a way that reflects well on my profession.  

...respect the confidentiality of any information entrusted to me or obtained in the course of my business or professional activities.  

...consider both my client’s current and future needs to determine the proper suitability of any recommendations that I may make. fair, truthful and realistic in the services or products I provide.  

...provide the highest quality services, products and options for my clients. honest when explaining my business and professional background, professional designations and years of industry experience.  

...consistently educate myself as to the new laws and regulations in my industry, and I will always act in good faith toward those I serve.  

...treat other members of the Kentucky Association of Senior Services with respect and honesty in all of our relationships and interactions.

Our Mission.....

Our mission is to serve the aging population throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky by providing accurate information and beneficial services in specialized areas of expertise and empowering those we serve to make sound, informed decisions necessary to age confidently, securely, and with dignity.

In doing so, each member will conduct themselves professionally and with integrity while exemplifying ethical practices to the seniors we serve and other members of the association.