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Working together to help Kentucky's seniors

Lea is especially passionate about helping our local senior community.  She has completed all internal certifications to be a Caring Transitions Local Owner.  She is a Certified Senior Advisor, a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist, and a certified Kentucky Auction House Operator.

Lea's passion to work with the senior population began when she saw a need to help seniors and their children work through relocation.  With busy lifestyles and children living away from home, many seniors need a helping hand.  Lea wanted to be a trusted resource in helping families with the sometimes sensitive and difficult task of dispersing a lifetime accumulation of personal belongings.  Lea recognized and is anticipating the growing need for senior services as the baby boomers age.

Not only does Lea welcome the business opportunity to serve seniors, but she also hopes to share local resources and references that may help seniors and their caregivers live life well.

Lea follows her son's Transylvania University Lacrosse Team, her daughter's University of the South (Sewanee, TN) Crew Team.  She loves to go to the movies and eat out more than she cooks.  She has been married to her husband, Greg, for over 28 years.  They enjoy their dog, Abby, who was a Humane Society rescue.  Lea grew up in Helena, AR and still loves to go "home."  Lea collects her grandmothers' and aunts' quilts and admits she laughs too loud.

Lea enjoys speaking in the community on topics pertaining to downsizing/decluttering, how to plan a smooth transition, strategies on dividing up the personal belongings in an estate, what's hot/what's not in today's resale market, among other topics.

Lea Nugent, CSA, CRTS

For more information contact Lea at:

Phone:    859-543-9848

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