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Working together to help Kentucky's seniors

Whether it's getting sick, giving up the keys, or moving out of one's home, the aging process has a high potential for conflict. Unfortunately, parents' anger often falls on their adult children, their caregivers and the decisions that need to be made can also drive a wedge between siblings. When these situations arise the family often needs a mediator to bring the family back together.

Dani is owner of Summit Mediation Group International, Inc. and Agreement Mediation. Her approach as a mediator enables her to effectively address the emotions and other factors that sometimes create obstacles to reaching a livable outcome. She is respected for her caring yet practical expertise and ability to move the parties forward to a successful resolution.

Her background includes being certified in Aging in Place which encompasses family relationships through the aging process. Active in the community she is President of the Bluegrass Continuity of Care Association, a founding member of Kentucky Association of Senior Services, a member of the Kentucky Guardianship Association, the Kentucky Association for Gerontology and served on the planning board of the Challenges and Opportunities of Aging events. Dani is also a member of Society for Human Resource Management. As an Approved Mediator by the Administrative Offices of the Courts of Kentucky as both a Civil and Family Mediator she is also currently the only active Court Approved Mediation Trainer in the Lexington area.

Dani has published magazine articles, gives lectures and conducts workshops all across the country. She loves teaching mediation to adults and children. Stopping bullying in families, schools, neighborhoods and the workplace is high on her priorities.

Dani is married to Chris Vandiviere and has one son and daughter-in-law and two wonderful grandsons.

For more information contact Dani at:

Summit Mediation Group , Inc

1500 Leestown Road, Suite 307

Lexington, KY, 40511

Phone:    859-252-6163

Dani Vandiviere, PhD, CAPS