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Working together to help Kentucky's seniors

TRH Consulting was founded in response to a growing need in our community for senior services and information.  Tonya Howe realized that so many seniors were in dire need of help in navigating the senior services maze from her work in the industry and set out to help make a difference in as many lives in any way she could.


TRH Consulting is dedicated to helping seniors stay in their home, downsize and move to a community, or get the care they need in a long term facility.  They work tirelessly to make sure that no matter what age the senior is when they contact them that they will help them put into place the plan they need to have during their retirement years.

“Some individuals will contact us when they are entering their 50’s and want the guidance they need to put everything in place early and have a plan, others will reach out to us when there is a crisis or need later in life and we will help them through that situation as well.  We have worked with over 3000 families and have a proven track record of meeting the needs of seniors and their families we have helped over the years.”

We will help families with the following services and anything else that may come up as well.

o Housecleaning

o Cooking

o Laundry

o Daily Money Management

Case Management

For more information contact us at:

Phone:  859-305-1900